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TerraCool is a simple ans easy to use localization library and tools for .NET / Mono platforms, it is inspired by Gettext project.

Based on xml files, it is easy to modify or translate strings without to recompile anything.

The project is divided into three parts:

The TerraCool library (TerraCool.dll) provides an environment for manage strings according to a specific language, through GetString and GetPluralString functions.

The TerraCool tools library (TerraCool.Tools.dll) provides a set of functions that allow us to manage xml locale files:
  • Extract strings from specific c-sharp file and create a xml template for translators.
  • Update existing xml files with changes made on c-sharp files.
  • Merge one or more xml locale files into other xml locale file.

The TerraCoolUtil (TerraCoolUtil.exe) Is a command line application that makes use of TerraCool.Tools.dll conveniently to any user.

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